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Garbage Disposal Repair Boerne TX

In the Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch and Leon Springs TX area, garbage disposals (or garbage disposers) have now become indispensable components in the kitchen of almost every household. This is because they help to easily dispose of the kitchen food waste. The garbage disposal unit contains a grinder operated through an insulated electric motor, which breaks down waste into small pieces that can flow through the drain pipes. The licensed plumbers at Boerne Plumbing Company are trained to properly install all garbage disposals.

There are limitations on what can be dumped in the kitchen sink. With continuous use, garbage disposals tend to clog over time. Some metallic components of the garbage disposal like the turntable, chamber, lug and shredding ring are in constant contact with water and waste material. These can corrode easily if they are not made of rust resistant material like stainless steel. The professionals at Boerne Plumbing Company are well experienced in replacing such corroded parts, this ensures the efficiency of your garbage disposal.

Boerne Plumbing Company offers professional services to have your garbage disposals repaired and replaced. Handling garbage disposals requires good knowledge of the electrical equipment involved, as also the plumbing assembly. Garbage disposals of any type, size and power can be repaired, replaced and installed by expert plumbers from Boerne Plumbing Company. 

Why Do Garbage Disposers Clog?

Garbage disposals clog because over time the waste line or trap gets coated and eventually obstructed with food waste. Clogs are most often caused by how the ground food waste reacts to water or lack of water after the disposal unit has ground it up and sends it on its way into waste line. When a garbage disposer clogs, you will often find the problem in the trap found on the waste discharge side of the disposal.

Simple Fix - The simplest way to avoid a clog is to make sure you flush the disposal with plenty of water when it is grinding and for 30 seconds afterward. Then occasionally maintain your disposal by regularly grinding up pieces of lemon peel and ice cubes.

If you are located in Boerne TX, Fair Oaks Ranch TX, Bergheim TX, Leon Springs TX, Tapatio Springs or Kendall County TX and need a clogged garbage disposal or slow garbage disposal repaired, give Boerne Plumbing Company, Your Local Plumbers In Boerne TX a call at (830) 249-4121 You Can Also Connect with us on Facebook, & Twitter.

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