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High Water Pressure Boerne & Fair Oaks Ranch TX

High Water Pressure to some may be considered a good thing, however, if your water pressure, PSI (pounds per square inch) is too high, it can cause very expensive damage to your home and plumbing system including your home's foundation should a water slab leak occur. Many homeowners find they must move from their homes while the damage is repaired which was caused by high water pressure.

Typically the source of high water pressure is your municipal water supplier. Your water supplier must set the water pressure to meet their demand, such as supplying water for fire hydrants, multiple family dwellings, or high rise buildings. In addition, as more homes and buildings are completed in a given area, the demand for water is increased, and water pressure is boosted to provide this greater demand. Water pressure in some neighborhoods can be as high as 140 pounds. The maximum recommended water pressure for a residence is around 65 to 75 pounds.

Your water pressure can also fluctuate, depending on the time of day. In the morning hours when you and your neighbors are all taking showers and getting ready for your daily activities, the water pressure at your home may be reduced because of a greater demand on the water supply in your neighborhood. However, during the day, when most people are not at home, or at night, when most people are asleep, the water pressure may increase considerably as there is very little demand for water.

Common symptoms of high water pressure at your residence include recurring water leaks in your plumbing system and water using fixtures, faucets and shower valves, intermittent leaks, like at night when the water pressure may be higher, toilets running when not being used, water heater leaking and “hammering or banging” noise from water piping inside the walls of your house when you turn off a faucet, shower valve or flush the toilet.

Today's modern plumbing fixtures are designed to conserve water. These fixtures have a much lower rate of water flow than older fixtures. High water pressure causes greater wear and tear on their internal parts, greatly reducing their life expectancy. The same is true for your water piping, the higher the pressure, the greater the wear, especially on pipe connections and joints.

If you think you may have a high water pressure problem, let us perform a water pressure test to determine exactly what your water pressure is. If your water pressure is above 80 PSI, a water pressure reducing valve (PRV) can be installed to ensure that water from the municipal supplier is reduced to a safe pressure before it enters your plumbing system and residence.

If you already have a water pressure reducing valve (PRV), and still think your water pressure may be too high, let us check to see if the valve needs to be adjusted, or just like any other mechanical device, PRVs do not last forever, and your existing one may need to be repaired or replaced. A hot water thermal expansion tank placed on your water heater greatly extends the life of your water pressure reducing valve and the entire plumbing system.

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