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Reviews/Testimonials Boerne Plumbers


Boerne Joe Plumbing did an outstanding job finding and repairing a water leak under the slab of my house. They were very helpful with finding a restoration company to dry the house out and even cleaned most of the mess the leak caused before the restoration company arrived. Upon completion, they made sure I was happy, hauled off all the trash and debris and were very fair with their rates. They are now my plumbers and I will recommend them to family and friends.

- Kelly N.- Boerne, TX.


I received a facebook recommendation to call the plumbers at Boerne Joe Plumbing for a water softener installation. The water softener I had was old and leaking, I think it was original with the house. The plumbers arrived when they said they would and were very professional, courteous and clean. They did an excellent job at a fair price. They even hauled off the old water softener and disposed of the old salt. I will now call Boerne Joe Plumbing for all my needed plumbing repairs.

- Barbara F.- Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.


The plumbers at Boerne Joe Plumbing installed a water softener & RO system in my house last May. The installation went great and the pricing was very competitive. The plumbers were friendly and efficient. It has worked well with no issue over the past year. Last week Brian came by for our yearly RO filter change. He was friendly, well mannered, and efficient. He also put up with my two nosy dogs wanting to see what he was doing. I recommend their water softener and treatment systems. I will be trying out their other plumbing services as we need them.

- Gary M.- Boerne, TX.


We recently had a slab leak in our bathroom that completely soaked our carpeted floor. Brian from Boerne Joe Plumbing arrived promptly and quickly found the source of the leak thus preventing further damage to the house. He also identified and fixed other potential problems with our water piping; hopefully his actions will prevent another catastrophe down the road. I highly recommend Boerne Joe Plumbing to anyone in the Fair Oaks Ranch area.

- Gary Hall - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.


Brian and Daniel are 2 of the BEST employees Boerne Joe has! Polite, professional and never leave a mess! We won't be using any other plumbing company again.

- Lesley S.- Boerne, TX.


Boerne Joe' Plumbing installed a water softener in my vacation home in Boerne on 10.08.15. The licensed water softener installer was very knowledgeable and explained my options thoroughly. I feel confident that I will be able to easily maintain the equipment by following his simple instructions. The work was done quickly and for a fair price. Thank you, Boerne Joe' Plumbing, for ensuring my pipes and appliances last longer.

I will definitely call again with any future plumbing needs.

- Missi T.- Boerne, TX.


I love this plumbing company! Gave Boerne Joe a call about no water pressure in my kitchen. He walked me through how to fix it myself! Now that is customer service. I will be calling him from now on.

- Cyndy S.- Leon Springs, TX.


I was out of town on the weekend when our water heater that serves the kitchen failed. We were having guests for dinner Sunday and it was Friday evening. My wife called several plumbing companies and none would come out on Saturday. Joe's readily agreed to come out with no premium charge and replaced the water heater. We were relieved not to have to change our plans for the weekend.

- Kent H.- Boerne, TX.


I called Boerne Joe for a water heater problem I was having. It was about 11 years old and not producing the same amount of hot water it use to. Joe arrived on time and honestly told me that it would not be wise to spend good money after bad as I don't have a water softener and there was quite a bit of corrosion on the connections as well as around where the heater element is. He also informed me that the tank was probably 1/3 full of mineral scale. Long story short, I agreed to replace the hot water heater. I'm so happy I did. When he got the old hot water heater out, it took himself and two helpers to load it up and haul it off as it was more than 1/3 full of mineral scale and very heavy. I know I was wasting a lot of energy just heating my water. Joe also put a hot water circulating pump on my hot water system and I could not be happier with their work, service, honesty and attitude. Not to mention they cleaned up much better than I expected. Yes I recommend and will use them again when needed.

- Cap S.- Boerne, TX.

5-Star                                                                                                    6/27/2016

FINALLY found a plumber I can trust. Boerne Joe Plumbing came out to replace a broken sprinkler system and cap off old hot tub equipment. No games, fair pricing, fast service and all done with a super friendly attitude. Yay #America!

- Sara J - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.

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