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In Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch or Leon Springs TX, you may think of a water leak as just a little drip or stream but when left un-addressed for a period of time, problems will arise. There are two things that all leaks have in common. They will cause damage of some sort and they will worsen over time.One of the biggest plumbing problems that any home or business owner can face would have to be water leaks. Water leaks can start just about anywhere any time. It could be a very simple leak like a leaky faucet or sink, but some leaks are worse. They are silent, they are very hard to detect, and by the time you find them, the damage has already been done. Call your local plumbers in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch & Leon Springs TX, Boerne Plumbing Company today as these types of leaks if not fixed can result in a major leak causing damage and flood your home. These types of leaks can also cause massive damage to your home or place of business simply because they were never detected and fixed in time. Most materials that are used in construction are not waterproof. Most of them are not even water resistant. What happens when metal sits in water? It starts to rust, and rust can cause metal to become weaker. What happens when wood or drywall sits in water? It soaks up the water and starts to rot. Rust can lead to all sorts of problems. It can make the material structurally unsound and weak, and the buildup of water causes one thing that no one wants to deal with, mold.

These silent water leaks usually go unnoticed for quite a while. The first sign is usually a jump in your water bill. If you have noticed a spike in your water bill, and there have not been any massive rate increases, you could have a leak that you don't know about yet. And while you sit there and ponder why your water bill has suddenly gotten so high, the water from the leak is slowly damaging the inside of your home or business and possibly causing mold growth. It doesn't always happen this way. You may know that you have a water leak, but you just can't seem to find the source. Every minute that you wait, is a minute that the water from the leak could be doing damage. In that situation Boerne Plumbing Compnay is the only plumbing company you deserve. We are experienced in locating and repairing all types of water leaks. 

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